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Montgomery 17


Introduction - 1978 M17 AUDASEA

posted by: Howard Audsley on June 5, 2009

First a little about the boat. Here she is, stripped down and awaiting TLC. Here’s the view from astern: 

This particular boat is a 1978 galley model M17. I purchased her in in 1999. Known history prior to that is short, having been owned and sailed by Thomas Howe and he sold her to a guy named Mike C., also from Lawrence, KS, and I purchased her from Mike. She has gone by the names of Renaissance (named I presume from having been revived), Osprey, Blue Feather Grace and is now called Audasea. That I’ve done quite a bit of work to her downstream of the efforts of previous owners says something about the need for constant maintenance, or else raises questions about the quality of work we have been doing.

At any rate, I have done a lot of work to this boat. At some point during each significant project, it has struck me that it would be nice to have some guidance from someone who has been down the same path, faced the same problem, etc. In fact, at one point I actually considered offering my services in the rehab of these marvelous little boats. But rather than doing that, I’ve decided to open a blog on what I’ve discovered and the methods I’ve used to fix them. None of these projects are overwhelming to someone with basic skills and more importantly, desire. There are jobs we amateurs should not attempt, but I think of this a little like the court that couldn’t decide on how to define indecency, but concluded “you will know it when you see it”. You will know when you are in over your head.

The projects I’ve completed include finding and stopping numerous leaks (including replacement of the windows), changes in the electrical system, pulling and rehabbing the CB, refinishing the teak, changes to the running and standing rigging, experiments with motors, trolling motors, sculling oars, wind vanes, transom repairs, gel coat dings, etc. Then there is the trailer and modifications to that. Having participated in the Montgomery Email list for over 8 years, the few problems these boats develop are pretty well known. The same things pop up time and time again. Hopefully, if you are starting down this path, something I’ve done will help you. If you have a better idea, feel free to pile on. I’m always receptive to a better way.


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